Moving across the country adds a few more items to a to-do list than when you are moving across town. In order to have a successful long distance move, prepare to pack smarter, insure thoroughly, keep the essentials with you and let the professionals provide you with a high quality, reliable move.

Pack Smarter

When moving long distance, the opportunity to take multiple trips from your old home to a new home is not likely feasible. All belongings have to make the move together, which means everything will need to be packed away efficiently and carefully.  Make sure that boxes are packed tightly and well cushioned in preparation for the long drive.

Insure Thoroughly

The longer the drive, the more time there is for an incident to occur. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, more than 80% of all moves have no claim filed. While a majority of moves do not file a claim, it still leaves 20% of moves having an incident taking place.

Through released valuation protection, moving companies are liable for only $.60 per pound of your belongings. If you choose a highly reputable moving company, they will make sure to present the best insurance options to you, including full-value coverage.

Keep Your Essentials With You

Similar to traveling by air, keep your essentials accessible – a few items of clothing, toiletries and important documents. These essentials will keep you comfortable while you are moving, and also will be necessary when you first arrive. Documents such as your driver’s license and social security will be needed, especially if you are starting a new job. They also are difficult to replace if lost or damaged.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Long Distance Move

Before trying to take this on yourself, put some research into professional moving companies. Check with the Best Business Bureau and online reviews. Look into moving industry resources, such as the American Moving and Storage Association.  If a company has bad reviews, you are stepping into a potentially bad experience.

Premier Relocations has an A+ BBB rating, reflecting our well-trained moving crews, reliable equipment and excellence in customer service. Our ProMover designation from the American Moving and Storage Association indicates our respect in the industry, which comes from customer satisfaction and quality of work.