Things to Remember on Packing Day

  • Plan to be at home and make yourself available to the movers the entire day of packing, if possible. Packing times vary depending on the amount of packing that is required for your move.
  • For the comfort of the children, it is often helpful to have them stay with friends or relatives during the relocation process.
  • Have your refrigerator emptied and defrosted prior to loading day. Pack day is the perfect day to accomplish this!
  • If the packers are to pack high value items, such as silver, works of art, furs, etc., ask them to call you to view the packing of these particular items. Please do not leave items such as money, jewelry, coin collections, etc. to be packed by the packers. These items should be transported by yourself. Premier Relocations can not accept responsibility for these items, and we ask that they are not among the items to be packed.
  • Items to be carried in your car and items you will need until after the loading process has been complete should be segregated so that the packers do not pack them in error. This would include any prescription medications, documents needed for closing at destination, and any other important paperwork you will need during the course of your relocation.
  • The packers will not pack any perishable food items, flammables, aerosols or corrosive liquids. This includes house paint, cleaners, fire extinguishers, etc. Please make other arrangements for the transportation of these items, should you decide to take them with you.
  • House plants are very sensitive to environmental changes, and the risks associated with moving them are high. Many states prohibit the transportation of plants. Please take a moment to read “Moving Your House Plants”. Premier Relocations can not accept liability for the demise of transported plants, nor can they care for them if storage should be required. It is best to find another home for your plants and purchase replacement plants for your new residence.

Things to Remember on Loading Day

  • Make yourself available the entire day of loading.
  • Check the inventory to see that you agree with the notations made by the driver as to the present condition of your furniture. If there is a discrepancy, please make a note of it on the same inventory sheet.
  • Items of extraordinary value that are being shipped by the movers, such as antiques, works of art, etc., should be noted separately on the inventory, along with their value.
  • Plan to leave all utilities on until the day following the loading of your household goods. Having a phone that is working is invaluable, as communication is key during any relocation.
  • Make a walk through the house, garage, cellar, attic, backyard and any storage areas around the home to make sure nothing was missed by the movers. Check all drawers, cabinets and closets in all rooms for articles that may have been missed during the packing or loading process.
  • Make travel arrangements for departure on the day after your loading.
  • On the day of loading, make sure your¬†driver and District Manager are aware of how to reach you enroute and at destination.

Things to Remember on Delivery Day

  • To assure that everything that was loaded at origin is delivered at destination, you must check off the inventory yourself. Ask that the driver and helper call off to you the inventory numbers which are on each box and piece of furniture, and mark them off on the inventory as called.
  • Check the condition of each piece as closely as possible upon delivery to your home. Make a note of any exceptions to the condition of your household goods on the inventories upon delivery. There is a column on the inventories especially for your exceptions.
  • Boxes that contain items of high value, such as silver, works of art, etc., should be unpacked immediately and checked for concealed damage.
  • The driver is responsible for setting up the beds and reassembling any items that he disassembled at origin. This would not include hanging pictures or other permanent wall fixtures.
  • If you wish to have everything unpacked, please let your Distric Manager know ahead of time so they can make the proper arrangements to have this accomplished.
  • If Premier Relocations does the unpacking, we are responsible for removing the debris from the residence. If you choose to do your own unpacking, debris removal is available, contact your carrier to set up a pick up date and time, after you have completed your unpacking.
  • Before the driver leaves, make sure you have noted on the inventories the condition of your household goods and any missing items.
  • In the event you should have any missing or damaged items, please contact the claims department as soon as possible and they will mail the necessary claim forms to you, and start a trace on the missing items. Upon receipt of these forms, complete them as soon as possible and return them in the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  • After you’re settled into your new home, please be sure to complete and return your post-move survey. We really want to know your opinions.