Clothing and Footwear

Footwear may be left in shoe boxes and placed into large cartons. Or, wrap each shoe individually, then in pairs. Footwear should be cushioned to avoid damage occurring to high heals or ornaments. Do not pack heavy items on top of shoes. Clothing may be left on hangers and transported in wardrobe cartons, which can be purchased from Premier Relocations, or a local packing company. If wardrobes are not used, each garment should be removed from the hanger, folded and placed in a suitcase or a carton lined with clean paper. Lightweight clothing such as hose, lingerie, shirts, and sweaters may be left in dresser drawers.

Linen & Bedding

These items should fill a box.  Small breakables may be placed in with the linens and bedding to prevent damage to those small items.  Put some plain newsprint on the bottom of the box and the on top , before sealing the carton.

Small Appliances

Small clocks, radios and similar items can be packed in the same carton, or in with the linens. These items should be wrapped individually, using several pieces of paper, and should be placed in the packed carton with plenty of crushed paper.  The metal plug should be wrapped outside the appliance to prevent scratching.