Moving your offices and warehouse to a new location? You can trust Premier Relocations to provide unparalleled service for office and industrial moves, whether you are moving locally or across the country.  Premier also stores and delivers new products, furniture, fixtures, and electronics. From floor and door jam protection, to specialized carts for computers and wall furnishings, we offer flexible solutions to reduce business down time, and increase efficiency.

Just need to move some things around the office? Let us know what you need moved, when, and where you need us, and Premier will be there to help.

Employee Packing Tips

The following guidelines have been prepared to make the packing and moving processes easier for your company and employees. Following these instructions will help ensure a smooth and efficient transfer to your new location.

Packing Instructions

  • Personal Items: Premier is unable to be responsible for personal possessions, such as money, lighters, fountain pens, certificates and photographs. For your own peace-of-mind, we recommend employees move these items on their own.
  • Cartons: Be sure all cartons are properly assembled. Premier has special cartons for electronic equipment, bulk supplies, lamps and other breakables. If you require any special packing services, ask your supervisor to advise your move coordinator.
  • Desks and Credenzas: Pack all contents. This includes current work assignment papers, letter trays, books, files and other loose items. Pack in envelopes and then pack the envelopes in cartons. Protect all glass with paper or other stuffing material. Leave glass tops and desk pads on top of your desk for Premier to move.
  • Filing Cabinets: Standard upright file cabinets can be moved with contents intact. The contents of lateral file cabinets must be emptied and packed in cartons. Premier will supply both letter and legal size cartons designed for packing files. Files will be moved in an upright position throughout the move. REMOVE KEYS!
  • Supply or Storage Cabinets: Pack all contents in cartons. Cabinet doors should then be locked, taped or tied.
  • Bookcases: Remove all books and other contents and pack in cartons. Stand books on end.
  • Coat Racks and Lockers: Pack all items and contents.
  • Office Machines: DO NOT PACK. Leave the machines on top of desks or stands. Keyboards, mouse pads, and electrical cords can all be laced inside large Keyboard (zip lock type) Bags.
  • Pictures, Maps and Bulletin Boards: Premier will see that these items are adequately packed.
  • Special Equipment: Professional servicing may be required for data processing and copier equipment. Please check with the manufacturer’s service department for move preparation requirements. All equipment containing liquid must be drained prior to the above.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Furniture Casters: Remove all loose casters and pack in cartons.
  • Odds and Ends: Be sure all loose items such as desk clocks, calendars, bookends, etc., are packed in cartons. Leave oversized items (such as lamps, desk pads) for the mover to handle.
  • Carton Stacking: Please do not stack full cartons on top of furniture. The movers will remove furniture first; try to keep pathways as clear as possible.

Coding and Tagging Procedures

  • Color-Coded Moving Labels: Premier will provide color-coded labels to assure the proper placement of furniture at the new location. The new offices should be divided into designated color zones by department. Within the color zones, each individual work area should be assigned a number. Within these individual work areas each piece should be assigned an alphabetic letter. You are responsible for all labeling. It is critical that the tagging procedure is carefully followed to facilitate a smooth and uneventful relocation.
  • Items Not to be Moved: Only tagged items will be moved. If an item is not tagged with a label, the movers will leave it behind.
  • Special Types of Furniture: Items such as L-shaped desks and some conference tables will need to be dismantled. Be certain that all parts of the dismantled furniture have the same tag color and code information.
  • Preparation of New Location: Your new offices must be well marked to assure proper furniture placement. Clearly label each work with the assigned number and color code. Place several coded floor plans in clear view near the entrance doors.
  • Tag Placement: Please place tags in a uniform manner. Consistency in placement of tags will assist the mover in quickly and efficiently placing your furniture and equipment in the proper locations at destination.

After the Move

Your first concern will be to get unpacked and back to a normal operating routine as quickly as possible. As soon as you have completed unpacking, break down the cartons and place them in a central area, as designated by your move coordinator. Although Premier will exercise extreme care, if damage has occurred, please report it to your move coordinator within three business days.

To learn more about Premier’s commercial relocation services, call us at 800.863.5161.