Whether you are attempting to move with a do-it-yourself solution or with a professional movers service, here are some recommendations when attempting to pack items in your living room and family room.


Because books are heavy, be sure to use small cartons. Pack on edge, alternating bound edge to open edge. Pack books of same general size together.


After removing the light bulb, wrap the base, harp and bulb separately in newsprint, and place together in a carton, filling spaces with crushed paper. Never wrap the lamp shade in newspaper. Carefully wrap each shade in three or four sheets of fresh tissue paper, a pillow case or large lightweight towel.

Draperies, Curtains and Rugs

Draperies and curtains may also be folded and packed in larger cartons, lined with clean paper. Leave rugs on the floor for the moving company to handle. Carpets will be rolled and secured, prior to placing them on the moving van.

Small Appliances

Small clocks, radios and similar items can be packed in the same carton, or in with the linens. These items should be wrapped individually, using several pieces of paper, and should be placed in the packed carton with plenty of crushed paper.  The metal plug should be wrapped outside the appliance to prevent scratching.