Packing up your household belongings that you use every day is one task, but venturing out to areas of your house that may be neglected, such as attics and garages can be face you with tasks you were not expecting.

Below are eight packing tips for moving your garage items:

  1. Clear out – When packing up your garage, it is best to start by cleaning out old items and reorganizing remaining belongings. Once you are organized, you will have less to pack and your belongings that are being shipped will be ready to go.
  2. Have the moving estimator check your garage and attic – Those locations can often hold some of your larger items that you stored to keep out of the way.
  3. Secure your tools – You don’t want to arrive to your new location to discover every screw and hammer has been disheveled in your toolbox. Fill empty spaces with crushed paper to keep everything in place. You may find that you need to take off a door or disassemble furniture when you arrive at your new home, so be sure to keep your most used tools handy.
  4. Patio Furniture – If you have been storing patio furniture in your garage, reconsider if you will need, or use, it at your new house. These items can take up quite a bit of space just to be tucked away into your new garage once again. Removed cousins and use them as padding so stuff them into an open space, this will allow the furniture to stack properly.
  5. Lawn Tools – Shovels, weed whackers and snow blowers are all items that will take up a decent amount of space in your moving truck. Keep that in mind as you determine what size truck you will need for your move. When moving lawn tools, first clean them thoroughly before you load them in the truck with the rest of your belongings. The last thing you want on your sofa is dirt and the friendly critters that may be crawling in that dirt. For
  6. Lawn Mowers – Safely drain all gasoline prior to moving day. This can prevent and accidents that could be detrimental to your move, as well as any leakage.
  7. Garbage Cans – If the city you are moving to does not supply garbage cans, it may be best to just purchase new cans there. Garbage does not smell very good and the bottom of your can may cause the rest of the truck to stink up. If your cans are thoroughly cleaned out, fill them up with loose items you may have in the garage and seal the lid.
  8. Kid Toys – From sprinklers to a baseball tee, you will want to keep all of your children’s items together. This allows them to be accessible as soon as they are unloaded. Before you pack these items up, see which toys haven’t been used in awhile. If they are still in good shape, but are just collecting dust, donate them to a local charity.

The most important packing tip for packing up a garage is always to start by reducing the clutter. From there, handle each item appropriately for a mess-free and organized move! If you are planning a move and need assistance, contact us for a safe, satisfaction-guaranteed move.