Getting ready to label your moving boxes? Everyone knows that a successful move requires a great deal of organization and attention to detail. Keeping all of your belongings in order before you arrive at your new residence is key to a low-stress unpacking process.

Follow these three steps while labeling your moving boxes:

#1. Choose the right moving boxes and labels.

While this may seem simple, it is critical to have the right moving boxes and supplies to begin with. If you plan on re-purposing old moving boxes, make sure that old boxes have all former labels covered to avoid confusion.

To label boxes, invested in a couple different colors of permanent markers. Using different color can help you differentiate categories of boxes. There are also printable labels on the internet which you can simply tape to boxes, but be sure to cover the labels with tape to waterproof them. Whichever method you choose, make sure that all labels are consistent across the boxes.

#2. Color coding.

While the label on the box will let you know what the contents are and which room it belongs in, using colored tape will allow you to see from a glance what contents are in that specific box. Colored tape can be purchased at your local hardware store or supermarket in the home section. Be sure to determine ahead of time what each color represents.

If you are using a professional moving service, making a guide of what each color represents helps them load and unload your boxes in a timely manner – avoiding mix-ups. Movers often uses boxes that are pre-labeled by room, allowing them to load and unload belongings while staying organized.

#3. Details, details, details.

While labeling your boxes, simply writing the name of the room the contents go in can help with organization. However, going a step further and listing exactly what is in the box can help with the unpacking process. It also allows you to know which boxes may need to be pulled aside during the move so you have easy access to the items. If you know a box contains fragile items, be sure to clearly label the box and include extra signage.

Labeling your moving boxes.

Moving does not always have to be a hassle, especially if a few extra steps are taken to keep all belongings organized. Properly labeling your moving boxes removes the stress of what goes where in your new home. Professional movers have a system in place that allows them to keep a move timely, safe and organized – contact us today for help with your move!