Congratulations! You have met the person you will spend the rest of your life with and are now preparing for the next step!  As newlyweds moving in together, the thought of sharing a lifetime with another person in a shared space could be a bit frightening. We have put together some tips to make sure the transition goes smoothly, and you and your sweetheart are set up for success.

Find a New Home:  Decide if one of you will move to the others’ current home, or if you’ll find a new place together. Moving into a new place together is a great way to ensure that the home feels like your “couple” home, with no history for either of you.

Sort Belongings: Now is the time to take a joint inventory of your belongings. You should compare and get rid of all duplicate items you will not need in your new home. Remember to account for the impending wedding gifts as well. The fewer items you must pack and move, the less money you will spend on your relocation.

Get Professional Relocation Assistance: Call a professional moving company, like Premier Relocations. Moving is hard work – let the professionals handle it. Enjoy time with your new spouse and have peace of mind knowing your relocation is in good hands. Read more top reasons to hire a professional moving company here.

Set Ground Rules/Expectations: In every household, there are chores that must be done; cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, taking out the trash, and so on. Discuss how the chores will be divided.  It’s best to have that conversation before one of you gets mad about toothpaste splatters on the mirror.

Be Ready For Some Compromises: Sure, you’ve compromised plenty of times before, but marriage means you have to compromise on bigger issues. Where you live, where you work, how you spend and don’t spend your money. The other person’s opinion matters just as much as your own, so be prepared.

Keep Your Communication Channel Open: The number one thing every married couple must do is communicate openly and clearly. Be honest with your spouse about all decisions no matter how large or small.

Now it’s time to celebrate the start of your shared life together. Life’s happiness, opportunity, hardship, and loss will all be experienced with your spouse at your side. As long as you keep love and mutual respect at the center of your life, it’ll all be worth it.