If you are sending a child off to college this fall, you are not alone. Sending your child off to college is an emotional time for both parent and child. You can’t help but wonder how time has gone by so fast and how you are already at this stage in your child’s life? Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were just tucking your child into bed? College move-in day is a proud moment for any parent, that does not mean it isn’t a day filled with stress and a little sadness.  To try to make things a bit easier as you prepare for this day, we have put together some tips to prepare for college move-in day.

Tips to Prepare for College Move-in Day

  1. Check Move-in Policies: Procedures vary. Some schools let families pull right up to the dorm door, while some will have you take a number. Others don’t want you unloading anything until your child has gone through registration, had their ID card photo taken and signed innumerable forms. Review a campus map to determine where your student will pick up their key, where cars can pull in for unloading and later for parking.
  2. Pack Essentials: If your child’s belongings don’t fit in the back of a minivan or average sized car, they have packed too much stuff. Think about what items you can’t live without and what items can stay at home. Items that are needed later can be brought at a subsequent visit or shipped.
  3. Utilize Storage Bins: Dorm rooms are known to have limited space. If your child will be using under the bed containers to hold spare towels and bed linens, pack those items in the containers, to begin with. The container goes straight from the car to underneath the bed; no unpacking necessary.
  4. Personalize the Room: Do not forget items that will make the space feel like home. Photos of friends and loved ones, soft bedding and pillows make for a more comforting environment, especially when your child is missing you and home.
  5. Pack Kleenex: Don’t forget the tissue! Sending your child off to school is an emotional undertaking. Expect to feel at least a little weepy.

Preparing for college move-day can be overwhelming, but our tips should make the process easier. You’ve worked hard as a parent raising your child and this is the time you will see what all that hard work has produced. Take a moment to tell them how proud you are of their accomplishment in getting to this point, offer them advice, or just share your love and encouragement.  Premier Relocations wishes your child good luck as they embark on this new journey!