If you moved over the past year, you are one of the 11% in America that has relocated. Most people have moved at least once in their life, whether it is a new job, downsizing or just moving to a new home across town.  People will always relocate, but the moving industry does go through changes as the times change. Here are some of the most interesting moving trends and statistics we are seeing for 2018.

  1. Who utilizes moving companies:  [Source: AMA]
  • Individuals: 44%
  • Corporate: 38%
  • Military: 16%
  • Other federal government: 2%
  1. The items most commonly being moved are: [Source: AMA]
  • Household goods: 73%
  • Computers, copiers and other electronic office equipment: 20%
  • Exhibits and trade shows: 6%
  • Office and institutional: 1% (mostly local moves)
  1. Millennials are moving less than the same age group from previous generations. Only 20% of millennials reported having moved in the last year. The same age group in the year 2000 reported having moved 26% within a year. [Source: Pew Research Center]
  2. The older a person gets, the less they tend to relocate. The average person moving is aged 18-34, part of a couple with 1 to 2 kids. [Source: MelissaData]
  3. Most moves take place in the summer, between the months of May and September. [Source: Money.USNews]
  4. According to the AMA 2015-2016 Census, the top reasons for moving were:
  • Wanted new or better home/apartment — 17.4%
  • To establish own household — 12.2%
  • New job or transfer — 10.8%
  • Other family reason — 10.5%
  • Wanted cheaper housing — 8.2%
  • Other housing reason — 6.7%
  • To be closer to work/easier commute — 6%
  • Wanted to own their own home, not rent — 5.9%
  • Change in marital status — 4.8%
  • Other reasons — 4.4%

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