Moving is rarely (if ever) a quick and easy experience to go about by yourself. This is especially true if you are looking at moving internationally, where you should consider many factors that will require attention and planning well-behind packing and unpacking.

One of the most important factors for daily life after moving internationally is the cost of living. Adjusting to new costs can be a real shock, even if your employer is helping to foot the bill for your move and new start. Whether you are looking to move to Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, or somewhere in between, this article from Business Insider can help shed light on the issue.

Can you guess which countries top the list for highest cost of living?

Whether you are moving internationally or not, you may be surprised to note the varying continental blocks represented at the top of the list: Venezuela (South America), Greenland (North America), Norway (Europe), Burundi (Africa), and New Guinea (Australia). To put this into even more perspective, this data is pulled from the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and it means that each of these places is more expensive than living in New York City!

This CPI accounts for the cost of groceries, transportation, restaurants, and utilities, as well as the variables associated with each one. If you are moving to any of these countries, or those that are close on the high side of the CPI list, you may want to look into ways you can save and move smart with Premier Relocations or another member of the UniGroup family!

But what about the low side of the cost of living list? Can you believe that they are all from Asia and the Middle East? 

Access to goods certainly varies in these countries, but if you are moving internationally to India, Pakistan, or Nepal, your cost of living will be near the lowest you can find. Additionally, if you think another continent may be a better fit, South America may your best fit for stability and low cost of living (you can click here to see the infograph — it may take a second click enlarge it and see it in its entirety)

Let us Take the Stress Out of Moving Internationally  

With years of experience in the moving industry, including helping people moving internationally, the professional team at Premier Relocations can help you consider your move from many angles and get you connected with the right resources. Now that you’ve gotten a look at cost of living across the globe, contact us today if you’re ready to get more help with moving internationally.