Have you ever made a decision, told everyone what you were going to do, and then either immediately regretted it or changed your mind? Worse yet, has it taken external critique to really bring to light how the wrong call was made? Don’t do that when you’re choosing professional moving services! There are plenty of resources, tips, and opportunities to get help before getting to that point.

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon Photo (c) 2009, via Wylio

Make the Right Call — Especially With Professional Moving Services

There is a great amount to consider after watching the team of NFL referees in action during this past weekend’s game when the Detroit Lions played the Cowboys in Dallas, and you can even apply some of the lessons to contracting professional moving services. For both scenarios, it all boils down to preparing yourself to make the right call, actually making the right call, and consulting and weighing the right resources to do what’s right.

Whether you’re an NFL referee or someone heading up plans for a residential or business move, your first step is to know the rules of the game. Know what constraints you’re working in and know what opportunities you have to advocate for what is right for you and anyone else involved. We can imagine what that would mean for a referee, but for hiring professional moving services, that means researching a bit about insurance coverage, liability, threats to your move, timing parameters, and knowing what can and what should not be moved by your moving company.

Next, you have to familiarize yourself with your moving team. Work closely together with everyone who will be involved in the process, like a team or close-knit crew — it works out much better than pulling together a group of strangers who haven’t coordinated together or gotten acquainted well-enough to trust each other or to ask tough questions. At Premier Relocations, we recommend that you put a bit of time toward vetting your professional moving services company. Get them to come out for an in home estimate, visit the warehouse where your items may be stored, use the Better Business Bureau, and browse Angie’s List. Additionally, you should ask others who have advice, like referrals from friends and realtors. We’re proud to say that Premier Relocations has excelled in gaining business through each of these referral methods because we never want you to second-guess the call you make.

Lastly, be ready to make the call. Call it like you see it and have a system in place to test your decision so you don’t have to live with the regret and blow-back that comes as a result of wavering or calling it wrong. Gather your information, let that guide your choice, and defend your decision against anyone who doesn’t have as much information or as good a vantage point as you’ve had when making it. 

With all of this in consideration, anyone can make the right call and avoid “reffing-up” a move.