When you do your moving company research, how much time are you putting into getting to your decision? With so many choices out there with varying service offerings, reputations, and pricing structures, it can be a daunting task. But what if you looked at it like drafting the right team for your Fantasy Football League?

Fantasy Football draft party (Photo Credit: D.Clow via Compfight cc)

With around 30 million men and women who participate in fantasy football, it may or may not surprise you to contrast the time you put into your relocation with the time put into your Fantasy league(s). Between initial research, mock drafts, the actual draft(s), weekly monitoring, and maneuvering your team during the season, this can amount to hours of research before the season even starts. Additionally, the average fantasy player spends about $110 a year on the hobby, so it just makes sense to put as many resources into moving company research that will ensure a safe relocation of everything you own.

Just like visiting research tools like those from ESPN, Rotoworld, FootballGuys, and others, be sure to visit the right websites and review sources like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Movingscam.com before you choose who to play. Find out what the buzz is about the moving company you are considering. Before and after you complete your Fantasy draft, you have to choose who to play throughout the season, so much like listening to or reading the latest news about your Fantasy roster, consider reading up on the moving company’s website and other places where you may find comments from past customers. This can help you move on to the next phases and eliminate moving companies who may be duds.

After you’ve done your initial research, consider all the stats. Most Fantasy players wouldn’t form a team of players who aren’t performing, so much like you’d consider suspensions, injuries, completions, receptions, various yardage stats, touchdowns, sacks, or other data, consider what matters most to you in your moving company research. Consider assessing the equipment and facilities the movers use, like their warehouse, trucks, furniture pads, etc.

Additionally, like a top-performing quarterback who consistently gets a good read on the play, make sure your moving company research involves their salesperson coming out to your home and assessing what their team could be working with. With an investment in your possessions that is likely between $10,000 and $200,000, working smart is crucial to team performance and their salesperson should be ready to answer your questions.

Your move involves everything you own, so if your moving company research doesn’t lead you to a successful draft of the right company, where there is so much more on the line than the typical Fantasy season, are you prepared for the consequences?