Have you heard that September 28 is host to a perhaps little-known day of recognition called “National Good Neighbor Day“? It’s true, and at Premier Relocations, we’ve seen just how valuable good neighbors can be when you’re relocating. Whether it’s the neighbors who help you pack with a tear in their eye or the welcoming party ringing your doorbell with a plate of cookies once you’ve reached your new home, National Good Neighbor Day is something we’re proud to celebrate with you. As we celebrate this local element of community, we also wondered: can our moving company learn from good neighbors?

Knowing that transitions can be incredibly difficult, especially when emotions are running high, time is running short, and the possessions we transport are often attached to both cherished memories and practical purposes, our employees seek to emulate a spectrum of ‘good neighbor’ qualities so we can put you at ease during this time. As we revisit customer feedback and testimonials, we’ve seen some themes that we are confident you will encounter when working with the teams at our moving company. 

Here are the top 10 ways the people of our moving company seek to learn from good neighbors:

10. Displaying a friendly and courteous approach: Between good recruitment, training, and proper management, our team aims to provide the right mix of professional and personable interaction.

9. Sharing knowledge and tips: With years of service under our belts, our team is happy to give insight as to what we can all do to make your move as smooth as possible.

8. Communicating with you regularly: It’s amazing what regular, helpful communication can do to make a move go well and we’re proud to say that our team excels at it.

7. Valuing timeliness and punctuality: The best neighbors we’ve known don’t keep you waiting when you need them. For Premier Relocations, we know that certainty and time management are invaluable during a move and we take action to provide that with our services.

6. Committing to own up to and correct any mistakes: We do everything we can to prevent mistakes during the move, but should any happen, we are committed to making the necessary corrections.

5. Keeping flexible: Sometimes a piece of furniture has to be placed ‘just right’ in a new room, sometimes the moving day occurs on a difficult day/time, and as any other new factors arise during the move, our team stays flexible for our customers.

4. Maintaining reliability despite adversity: Fair-weather friends and neighbors aren’t the ones you call on for a difficult move, but we want to be the reliable moving company you’ll think of first, despite weather extremes, heavy boxes, awkward items, navigating challenging home layouts, etc — we aim for reliability that overcomes challenges. 

3. Taking extra care of your property: From wrapping belongings up right to following best practices as we move your possessions, we want your mind to be at ease.

2. Keeping our promises: Our word is incredibly important to us. It’s as simple as that.

1. Practicing a routine of going the extra mile: This can take many forms, but we don’t ever want to leave a customer with a feeling that we stopped short of exceeding their expectations.

To highlight just a couple testimonials, one customer shared with us, “I felt very comfortable with them in my home. I felt that they cared about my family and our belongings.” and another said “We enjoyed working with your driver he was very helpful, kept an optimistic attitude so we didn’t feel overwhelmed.” Those are exactly the kind of sentiments we are striving for when our moving company serves a customer — making you comfortable, caring for your belongings, and doing our part to prevent any feelings of getting overwhelmed.

As you look to meet new good neighbors wherever your move takes you, we will do all that we can to exemplify the best qualities of a good neighbor during the process of relocating.