From the first thoughts about considering a new home to getting everything in its right place when you’re unpacking, technology can help you have an easier move all along the way. Short of doing a large study, here are some trends we’re noticing within the first half of the moving process:

More people are starting their home search with a particular area in mind. As potential home-buyers are getting more savvy, more customers seem sensitive to not just price ranges and features, but long-term factors like school quality, crime statistics, home sale trends, and local amenities. With increasing frequency, people are having an easier move by starting off on the right foot. It can make a huge difference when someone knows where they may move and how they can best go about living life to the fullest there.

More people are helping themselves by web-shopping for a new home. Between Trulia, Zillow, and online resources from various realtors, technology is jump-starting the moving process via virtual open houses. Perhaps more than ever, expectations are high for customers, and, thankfully, this digital space is helping home buyers have an easier move experience by way of greater familiarity with their new home and better planning as a result of that. The process can be much more automated, too, with new home alerts and information fed to email or to an app by specifying desired home criteria.

Digital reviews and recommendations matter. Next to getting an enthusiastic review from friends in-person, information is just a few clicks away for anyone looking to move. There are a variety of sources to check, information to consider, and tips from those who are willing to share.

You can tell a lot about a moving company from their (online) quoting and contact process. We always recommend that you pay close attention to how much attention a moving company gives you during their quoting process. It’s important to be thorough if you want an easier move. Communication is key and it is crucial to go with a company who provides an online quoting process before talking on the phone and in person — fully assessing the move.

To-do list apps and digital calendars are making moving much more manageable and organized. For a growing number of us, it’s a rare scenario when we don’t have our phone near us. In this way, we can always be ready during a move to add something to the to-do list or to a reminder alert for later. We can even share it with our family members and coordinate all parts of the moving process (if we can get them to buy into the system).

Layout planning and tips are making for an easier move. Beyond list apps, calendars, and more text-based planning tools, visual help is becoming more prevalent. There are apps, programs, and online services that can help you know right where your furniture can go and where it cannot. This saves time and it also can save your back from moving the same piece of furniture several times.

Want to Get the Full Use of Technology for an Easier Move?

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