Depending on your circumstances, summer can mean beautiful days you don’t want to waste, busy kids’ sports schedules you have to keep track of, unbearably hot and dry conditions you may try to avoid, and plenty of other situations and interests competing for your time. With all of this mind, our summer moving checklist may be the number one item you need to protect your plans when you are also relocating.

A Good Start for Summer Moving Checklist Items and Tips

Our moving specialists have come up with the following moving checklist of 10 items, but we are sure there are many more. Have you put these on your summer moving list already?

1) Keep Hydrated – Hot temperatures and long days can spell trouble if you’re not keeping your health in mind. Drinking plenty of water is important any day of the year, but heaving lifting, extended activity, and heat increase the need to replenish. Consider a hydration strategy and, at the very least, take a note from our moving crews and keep a jug of water with you so hydration is constant and convenient.

2) Manage Your Motivation – Have you ever struggled with getting the right motivation to pack? Much of it involves the right management of the process and each task along the way — approaching the project little by little. Be sure to set aside the time to work at it, get an early start whenever possible, get a good night’s sleep, and don’t be afraid to take an incremental approach that keeps the deadline in mind. It may all sound simple, but each of these is crucial to staying uptempo.

3) Improve Air Circulation – Aside from our physiological need for hydration, air circulation is probably the second most overlooked health-related factor in creating a good moving environment. Be sure to add a secondary set of moving checklist items like keeping fans positioned to move air around, open windows when the weather is right, and tackle cleaning measures that not only prepare the house for the next occupant, but quite literally make it so you can breathe easier. Especially if you have dust allergies ready to bring you down the moment things get unsettled, a little vacuuming and dusting can go a long way to helping your body stay up to the task.

4) Carefully Time Physical Activity – Moving big boxes? Try to do it during cooler hours of the day. Need to sort items or do prep work inside the house? This is a perfect reason to stay in during the hottest times. Tempted to stay up late to finish part of the move, but think it would jeopardize your chance to get a good night’s sleep? You probably don’t gain as much as you may lose if you may be exhausted later. With a moving checklist that includes careful consideration of timing, you can find a better preparation pace.

5) Set Calendar Reminders for Transferring Utilities and Paying Final Bills – Forgetting to do this can be the absolute worst inconvenience. Most of us have been there sometime when we’ve moved apartments or homes and had to play catch-up with utilities work. Be sure to set up install appointments, change addresses, and know when to schedule reminders to pay final bills. A few minutes early in the day on the phone with the utility companies can really save you when it comes to late fees, frantic bill pay moments, or unnecessary time without internet and cable. 

Feel Free to Share Your Tips 

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