Business relocation efforts can be complicated, especially as you are focusing as much energy as possible on the activities that make your workplace profitable. If you’re using Q4 of this year to plan the next year’s relocation of your headquarters, one of your storefronts, or a particular office space, we have some tips that can help reduce downtime and increase efficiencies.

5 tips for your business relocation

1.Write out objectives, employee tasks, and questions – There are many reasons that companies like yours may move locations, but all of those reasons can seem diminished if you have a costly or negative moving experience. That’s why you should create a business relocation plan, complete with a set of objectives, employee tasks, and questions about your move, before you do anything else. Premier Relocations’ professional staff have an extensive, positive track record with walking through best practices with customers, but we know that there is no one-size-fits all approach. Such a plan only has to be as elaborate as you want to make it, but be sure to know what your general expectations are for the move and ask questions tailored to your business.

2. Map out your move – There’s a good chance you have a vision for your new location, and a little bit of item identification can go a long way. With Premier Relocations at your side, our coordinators will help guide you through the process and answer questions, and our professional moving staff will do the heavy lifting, so we will do everything we can to get your move right. Part of this involves color-coded labels that we will provide for your items. We’ll match these up to the labels we ask you to affix to the areas within your new office, ensuring that your business relocation is organized the way you need it.

3. Doublecheck your data – Whether it involves burning a few data DVDs, investing in a using an online backup system like Backblaze, purchasing a backup drive like an Apple Airport  Time Capsule, or just tasking your IT support professionals, it is wise to backup your digital information on a regular basis and particularly wise to do so before making a move. Premier Relocations will pack and move your office with great care, but the wrong circumstances can cause data and technology to reach a tipping point, so it’s always best to have a backup that coordinates your hardware and electronic information.

4. Know what can’t go – Moving crews are authorized to move almost anything, but generally speaking, there are some items that must be moved on your own for your business relocation. Typically, even for businesses, these items are few in quantity and limited in volume, so the trunk of a car or the back of an SUV will usually do just fine. Be aware of items that need to be moved separately, like your employees’ personal belongings, containers with liquids, combustible containers, flammables, and other similar items. For your safety, your employees’ safety, the safety of the moving crew, and the integrity of other items packed in the move, we encourage you to take all the necessary steps to move these items right.

5. Follow best practices for packing – Benjamin Franklin was once quoted saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and although he was talking about fire safety, we know this wisdom can apply to packing practices, too. At Premier Relocations, we offer great full service options for safely moving your business, especially awkward and heavy furniture and equipment. However, it is likely that you’ll have a number of items you’ll need to pack on your own, and we’re happy to share best practices from our years of experience. We have a great list of general packing tips and we have a list of things to remember on packing day, and  both are great checklists for your home and business relocation checklist. 

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