When it comes time for you to relocate, you can count on friends and family to give you lots of advice. Many times, well-intentioned but misguided advice and suggestions can end up causing problems. Thankfully, we have researched some of the most common moving myths and misconceptions that could be potentially damaging financially or otherwise.

Top Moving Myths

  1. It’s cheaper to move yourself.

Hiring a professional moving company may end up being as economical, or even cheaper than moving everything yourself. There are a lot of “hidden expenses” that many people fail to take into consideration, such as packing supplies, insurance for the rental truck and your belongings, possible hotel rooms, etc. After factoring in these costs, hiring a professional moving company can be a practical solution when properly quoted. Premier Relocations will give you a free estimate of all their services.

  1. Hire any moving company – they are all the same.

All professional moving companies were not created equal. Unfortunately, some moving companies can be dishonest when they interact with their customers. Their only goal is to make as much money as possible, in the easiest way they can.  Do your homework and research the moving companies you are considering. Compare their services, rates, reputation and you will see that there are many reputable movers out there. Learn how to recognize and avoid moving scams here.

  1. Use any boxes – they all work.

It’s tempting to grab some boxes from the grocery store to save a bit of money, but these boxes usually cannot hold a lot of weight and can fall apart easily. Boxes that are specifically designed for moving are much more durable and are worth the investment. Read more advice for different types of moving boxes to avoid any damage to your possessions here.

  1. Labeling boxes is not worth the time.

Moving requires a great deal of organization and attention to detail. If your boxes are labeled, the movers will be able to put them in the proper room when moving into the new house or apartment which will save you additional time and effort.

  1. Moving is extremely stressful.

Yes, moving can cause stress, but with the proper planning and help additional stress can be eliminated.  Do your research, invest in proper packing supplies and hire a reputable moving company to ensure a successful move.

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