When looking for a professional mover, chances are most people will research potential companies and read online reviews.  According to Online Review Survey Research, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. When consumers cannot turn to friends or family to get a recommendation, they turn to the internet. If you have had a good or bad experience when relocating, rating the company online will help a lot of others in the same situation. These reviews are the best way to learn what people think about a particular moving company. Here at Premier Relocations, we love to see online reviews and encourage all of our clients to let us know how we are doing.

Helpful Tips for Writing Online Review for Your Moving Company

Include relevant details: Include the date, time and location of your move; this will help the reader identify similarities of your move and theirs. A winter move and a summer move will have a lot of differences and the reader will want to read reviews from a move from that will be like theirs.

Talk about the entire experience: Make sure you write about your interaction with everyone at the moving company, from the moving coordinator to the movers. Was the moving truck in proper working order, did they have all the supplies needed for the move? Readers of your review are seeking an accurate description of your experience and what they can expect with their move.

Mention punctuality: Were your movers on time for all appointments including the estimate, moving day, and delivery? How did they handle delays beyond their control, like traffic or inclement weather?

Note anything unexpected: Where there any surprise charges, unusual operating procedures. Did any employee go above and beyond to make your experience outstanding? Issues can arise in any situation, how did the staff of the moving company address any problems or that arose?

 Address the other side of the story. Place yourself on the other side of the issue and consider the possible reasons for your experience—good or bad. Address why you think your experience unfolded the way it did, by putting yourself on the other side of the issue. This will make you more believable to the reader.

Remember, the most important part of writing a good online review is being honest. All moving companies strive for great reviews, but most still want to know about any negative experiences so they can improve. Working together we can all contribute to a smoother moving process for all!