Details, details, details.  Moving is a very detailed process, and in the midst of a busy work and family life, details can fall through the cracks. As you are in the midst of planning your move, you have the decision to handle all of the details yourself, or to hire professional movers. So how do you make that decision?

Here are 7 reasons professional movers can be lifesavers during your move

1. This isn’t their first move

Professional movers do this for a living. They have encountered the inevitable problems that you will run into, can help prevent common mistakes from occurring and are available to answer questions that you have. They know the ins and outs of the moving process, and are able to share that knowledge with you.

2. Time savers

Packing up takes up a lot time and material. Odds are, you will use more boxes and cartons than you actually need to. Professional movers are trained to pack efficiently and carefully, keeping items organized, secure and ready to unpack. A process that could take you a couple weeks may take them only a few days.

3. Valuation

Professional movers treat your items with caution — using heavy-duty wrap, blanket covers, and sturdy cartons to keep you belongings safe. On top of these precautions, professional moving companies also offer valuation protection for your goods.

4. They have all of the equipment

Carts, straps, dollies and ramps – all of the items you probably will not want to rent. Fortunately, professional movers use this equipment daily. All of the gadgets that help make a move more efficient are typically stored in their truck or tool box. From your fine China to large furniture pieces, professional movers have the knowledge and tools for each professional move.

5. Move management

Moving is a lot of work. With to-do lists, everyday tasks, paperwork, and all of the other logistics, things tend to get hectic. Your professional movers will help you stay on a timeline and remove some of your stress. They aid in scheduling, and remind you of details that may otherwise fall through the cracks.

6. Aches and pains

That large couch in your living room? It’s heavy. And carrying it out of your house is going to remind you of some muscles in your back that you forgot you had. Professional movers take care of the hard labor for you, and do it in a timely manner. They are used to the physical work that comes with a move, saving you from back pain – and dented walls.

7. No surprise costs

The equipment, time and hidden expenses add up. However, with a professional moving company, you are able to see all of the costs up front. The moving estimator will be able to look at the quantity of your belongings and then give you a quote with different pricing options.

The advantages of letting professional movers come in and save your move far outweigh the costs. They help you move out of point A and settle into point B carefully and efficiently. Learn more about the benefits of professional movers.