If this past winter revealed some difficult realities about your mobility and independence, or that of an aging loved one, there is no time like the present for exploring moving options to a safer and more accommodating place. It is true that senior moving can be a challenge, but it can be much more manageable if you have the right help at your side.

With that in mind and compassionate solutions close to heart, here are the best practices we’ve found to be most helpful when looking to arrange the best senior moving experience. 

1. Promote the Available Choices

Know that you and your loved ones have choices. Although safety for yourself and others must factor into elements of what choices you have, moving somewhere new can mean new options and new opportunities. Give time to weigh your options and be flexible given the emotional ties to a longtime home.

2. Encourage Open Dialog

Ask questions before you plan on any move and have conversations with all involved. Especially with senior moving, be sure to understand the concerns, including those having to do with people, pets, and cherished possessions. When you allow time to have the conversation, you can find and consult additional sources and the dialog can be much more open, natural, and informed. All will help moving day go smoother. You can download a printable senior-friendly guide to downsizing here.

3. Involve Family and Close Friends

Truth be told, the entire process is benefited by the involvement of family and close friends. From initial conversations to completing the transition, there are a great variety of ways you can help involve others in a senior moving scenario. Be sure to get input, be open to offers for help, and don’t overlook the need to update everyone with the new address as well — it will matter quite a bit when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions for receiving mail!

4. Facilitate Comprehensive Planning

Take inventory of belongings, make goals, and plot out the new floor plan, just to name a few ideas. These may sound like familiar suggestions as we also advise them for other moves, but it is all the more important if you are helping a loved one move. Additionally, don’t be shy about asking for help and suggestions from your moving agent if you are using one (we can tell you plenty about how it helps to do so), as they may have more helpful hints and systems that will make your move easier.

If cost is a significant consideration, where you are leaning toward a do-it-yourself move, be sure to factor in vehicle mileage restrictions (if they apply), fuel costs, and the cost of anything that would have been included on a full-service move.

5. De-Clutter and Systematize

Even if a move may be far off on the horizon, decluttering is the subtle secret to a successful move. It can also be a challenge when helping with a senior moving to somewhere new, but everyone can start somewhere. From employing document scanners to procuring from an ever-diversified selection of home organization containers in your local big box store, receptacles and systems can go a long way.

6. Recruit the Right Help

For many people, this means relying heavily on family and friends, but whoever it is, be sure you can count on them to provide quality help. Stress and added items on the to-do list are the last things you want leading up to or on the day of the big move. 

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