Planning a move to a new house requires a great deal of planning, organization and hard work. There are a number of steps that need to be taken starting a few months out before a move, all the way up to the day of the move.

Follow these 15 tips from your Grand Rapids Movers at Premier Relocations to help plan a successful move:

  1. Review moving policies. This eliminates any surprises that may come up closer to the move, and many answer a lot of questions that you may have.
  2. Set up mail forwarding. Taking care far in advance will take an important item off your to-do list, and you will not miss any important letters.
  3. Clear bins. Use clear bins to pack the last items up, as those items will probably be the first you unpack. Packing these items up in clear bins allows you to easily spot these boxes and what is inside them.
  4. Moving Box Types. Do not use boxes without lids or tops. This makes it nearly impossible for movers to stack boxes properly in their truck.
  5. Heavy items = Small boxes. Putting heavier items in smaller boxes will make the boxes easier to carry. Any example of this is your book collection.
  6. Arrange enough time off of work. While your Grand Rapids movers are there to help reduce the stress of a move, making sure you are well prepared and have ample time to focus on the details allows for a smooth move.
  7. Show your pets some TLC. Often pets become such a part of our everyday life, that we forget that they need special treatment. Set aside enough food for them for the course of the move, and maybe a few extra treats to help them with the transition.
  8. De-clutter and dispose. Packing makes you realize how much you have. Packing when you are already organized helps you stay organized throughout the move. Have a garage sale or donate unwanted items to reduce the size of your moving load.
  9. Don’t forget about dinner. Your fridge is going to need to be emptied, but you probably are going to have all of your dishes packed up. Clip a couple pizza coupons and set aside paper products.
  10. Clear your social calendar. When your movers show up, they are going to be ready to work. Make sure that you are home at the time and available to interact with your moving crew.
  11. Have a checklist for the details. The little things add up on moving day, so be sure to lay out small tasks that will have to be completed before the move. Be sure to remember small items – such as locking doors, windows and turning off all light switches.
  12. Label, label, label. When you arrive at your new residence, you are going to want to get settled in and feeling at home quickly. While packing, make sure you label all boxes with the room name of the room they are going into at your new home. Your new home may have different rooms than your old home. Great room vs. family room or living room.
  13. Utilities.  Make sure you aren’t going to receive any utility bills that aren’t yours. You need to notify each utility company when you want the billing changed – whether that is water, sewer, trash, cable, etc.
  14. Keep in contact with your move coordinator. They are the lead for your moving team and need to know of any changes in the game plan.
  15. Your moving team. Your team is there to help make your move easier. Use your moving lead as a resource, don’t be afraid to ask questions and trust your Grand Rapids movers to get the job done

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