Moving during the winter is not such a crazy idea if you are living in sunny Florida, but for a large part of the United States, most people would do anything to avoid a winter move. For those people, winter means freezing temps and snow. If you find yourself planning a move in the frigid weather, you are in luck.  If you find yourself planning a move in the frigid weather, you are in luck.

We have rounded up six tips to help your winter move go smoothly.

1. Keep Your Walkways Clear: Make sure your driveway and walkways stay clear of snow and ice during moving day. In addition to shoveling, spreading some salt is necessary if the walkway is icy. If you are n
ear the new home, clear the driveway and walkways the day before. This will save you time during the day of your move.

2. Protect Your Floors: Keep your new home clean and protected from snow covered boots. Lay old rugs or plastic throughout the house. Snow-covered boots can damage your carpet and hardwood floors. And although salt is helpful outside, it can be rough on your floors when tracked inside.

3. Turn Down Your Heat: During a move, people will be going in and out and the doors will open and close constantly. Bundle up in warm clothes during the move and turn down your heat. Just make sure to leave enough heat on to prevent the house’s pipes from freezing.

4. Double pack fragile items: Cold weather can make some objects more brittle and breakable, so double pack fragile items for added protection. Help your movers out by double packing your fragile items so they are less likely to break while moving

5. Don’t forget the hot chocolate: Make the cold winter move as pleasant as possible. Keep a carafe of hot chocolate, or any other warm beverage to warm you and the movers as you work.

6. Be flexible and err on the side of caution: No one can control the weather. If the roads are bad, it is safer to delay or reschedule the move than risk people’s lives or the safety of your belongings. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Although more challenging, a winter move can prove to be a very smart decision. Staying safe and following our handy tips will make it all worthwhile. You can find more winter moving tips here. Here at Premier Relocations, we will help make your move comfortable and efficient, regardless of the season. Contact us today!