The summer months – filled with long days, sunshine and barbecues – are the busiest months of for the moving industry. Many families make a summer move and take advantage of the good weather, housing market and school break to relocate where they call home.

As the summer moving season approaches, there are a few ways to prepare for your summer move.

  • Know that moving during the summer means everyone on the industry is busy. Whether you are looking for moving supplies or to book a professional moving team, know that resources may be harder to get your hands on. Professional movers book up quickly during the summer months, so planning ahead is key to a successful summer move.
  • Use the warm months to host a garage sale prior to your move. The summer months invite garage sales around every corner. Selling some of your belongings can help lighten the load of your move, as well as contribute to the cost of a move. If you have children who have moved out of the home, it may be time to part ways with toys and entertainment pieces that are collecting dust. Don’t have enough for a garage sale? Look into donating your items to a local charity.
  • Moving over a holiday weekend increases traffic and closes stores. If you are moving over the Fourth of July weekend or Memorial Day, remember that lots of other people are out traveling on the roads. If you are making a local move, this may not be a concern for you, but if you are moving to a new state, some major highways may have backed up traffic as well as summer construction. Businesses also clothes on national holidays, requiring you to plan ahead of what you may need to pick up from the store. Large businesses stay open for most holidays, but small shops may not have their regular hours.

While the summer moving season is quite hectic, the weather and longer days make it one of the best times to move. Need some help with your summer move? Let us know!