Your antiques are prized and valuable possessions.  Any item you own that is of extraordinary value should be appraised by a qualified individual. Obtaining an appraisal may also be necessary for the transfer of your homeowners insurance policy to verify the value of your personal property. The best way to locate an appraiser is through a recommendation by an attorney, insurance agent, or look in the Yellow Pages under “appraisers”. You can request the “Directory of Certified Professional Property Appraisers”, which is a state-by-state referral list. To receive the most current issue, contact the American Society of Appraisers, P.O. Box 17265, Washington D.C. 20041, or call 1-800-ASA-VALU.

In addition to obtaining an appraisal, make certain you have clear photographs or videos of your antiques. Additionally, you should make a note of any signatures, serial numbers or manufacturer marks on all objects and carry this note with you.

Avoid the use of any type of oil or wax product on wood pieces immediately before you move, especially if these items will be going into storage. Some products may soften the wood, making it vulnerable to imprinting from the furniture pads.  An antique dealer may have helpful hints as well.