Moving to a new home can be very costly. Many people think that moving themselves will save them money. It is true that not hiring professional movers may save you money, but don’t be fooled. Moving yourself can become very expensive when you figure in all the additional costs that come along with moving. We have put together some often overlooked, hidden fees of moving yourself. When it comes down to it, hiring professional movers may save you some money (and your sanity) in the end! Learn more about the hidden costs of moving yourself!

The Hidden Costs of Moving Yourself

Time off: Many people take time off of work when the move gets close so they can focus all of their energy into packing and preparing for moving day. Do you have enough vacation days left to take off some time? If not, you have to consider the money you will be losing by taking the additional days off to pack and move all your belongings.

Travel Expenses:  If you are moving yourself, you will need to figure into your budget the gas cost. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming they will get as far in a UHaul truck as they will in their car.  The size of the vehicle and the extra weight of all of your household goods will require that you use more gas. Also, depending on how far you are traveling, you may need to factor in hotel and meal costs.

Truck Rental: This will be potentially your biggest cost.  Call different truck rental companies to get an idea of the costs and terms of renting a moving truck. You may discover renting a truck isn’t always the bargain it initially seems to be.

Supplies: If you are moving yourself you will have to purchase packing supplies. Be prepared to pay for protective wrapping paper, bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, packing tape, labels, markers and furniture padding. Plus, you may need to rent dollies to move large appliances.

Liabilities:  If you plan on having friends help you pack, load and move, you need to consider what you will do if he or she gets hurt. Will you cover the hospital bills? Will your friend sue? You are 100% liable for injury when you move yourself.

When you are considering moving yourself, it is really important to be realistic about what the entire move entails from a financial, time and risk perspective. It might make sense to hire a professional mover, like Premier Relocations. We can help you with every step of the move. Contact us today for your free estimate.