Packing up a household and moving into a new home is stressful, but add kids to the mix and you’ve got yourself a real challenge. Moving with kids doesn’t have to lead to pulling your hair out. Follow our tips to get your kids involved in your move –and even have some fun along the way!

Here are 4 tips to get your kids involved in your move


  1. Engage them in the moving process.
    Talk to your kids about the move – get them excited. Share age-appropriate details about the move: what kind of house are you looking to move into, where do you want your new home to be located, etc? Ask their opinion – after all, they will be living in the home, too! Engaging your child in this process will make them feel a part of the process and they will naturally want to help.


  1. Assign them age-appropriate tasks. 
    Kids can help with the packing process at any age. Give younger kids some boxes and let them pack their stuffed animals and toys. They could even be responsible for packing other non-breakable household items, like towels, sheets and blankets. It might be harder to convince the older kids to help pack, so give them an incentive. Plan a “pizza and packing party” and let them invite their friends to help. Tweens and teens will always work for food and the more kids involved in your more, the better!


  1. Let them pack a special box.
    Give kids their own box or backpack for them to put all their “special items” in for the moving process. Allow these items to travel with them, instead of being put in the back of the moving truck. This way, they will always know where their favorite things are, especially as you arrive at your new home. That will help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.


  1. Encourage your child to unpack their own belongings and arrange their bedroom.
    This is probably the easiest way to get your kids involved in your move. If your child is old enough, allow them to set up their bedroom the way they would like it. If your child is too young to do this on their own, ask their advice. For example, ask them where they would like their bed set up. This can give them a sense of control and allow them to make this new space their “own”.


Moving is always a lot of work, but getting your kids to pitch in will help take some of the burden off you. It also allows kids to feel a sense of ownership in your new home and teach some valuable lessons along the way. For more help with your move, contact us.